Students generally face various challenges across the spectrum of their education which often create barriers to learning and make it difficult for them to excel on standardized tests. Additionally, they face challenges associated with peer pressure, and social acceptance amongst their peers, and balancing their educational and social lives. These often create a cloud of anxiety at such a tender age, making it even more challenging for the educator to overcome these barriers and provide the tools necessary to pass
standardized tests.

This is especially true for students from impoverished and disadvantaged homes. The eLEARN program is designed to help these students manage these responsibilities, while giving them the opportunity to excel in their academics and be balanced socially, emotionally and educationally.

The overarching objective of this program is to enrich and improve access to quality education for students in impoverished families. These students will be nurtured and encouraged to push the limits of what they believe can be achieved. They will be taught the value of being diligent and putting effort in every aspect of their lives. They will be provided a nurturing environment to explore their God given talents, and exhibit them in an environment that will also encourage, acknowledge and celebrate their efforts.

The organization will commit to the eLEARN Program about 65 percent of its total time and resources. The program comprises of the following opportunities:

Me Tutorial (MeT) – a personalized tutoring program.
Math Isn’t Mystery (MIM) – teaching critical thinking skills and application to life.
Ace the Test (ACE) – help students do well on the standardized placement exams.
Camp Josh
– summer program for select deserving students in the MeT program.
Classroom and Library Projects (CLIP)
– providing resources internationally.